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Consumer Protection Information & Links
When you confirm you're new Residential or Commercial property inspection/s with Mickey Ellis Home and Commercial Inspections, we promise, we will always be looking out for you're best interest. We realize that there has not been one property built that is perfect, but we have seen a few that are very close. These are some of the most important things to remember when you have a home built or purchasing a new home:
1) I recommend you do not sign any contractual agreements which are given to you until your Attorney say's you should; this will help make sure that you're best interest is more protected that anyone involved. Make sure you look for any "Word or Paragraph" that doesn't protect "YOUR RIGHTS"? 

a) Does the contract require the Builder to build the home to the current 2015 IRC Building Codes, Addendum's and Appendixes? 

b) Do you have the right to have the property inspected by an inspection firm of your choosing? 

c) Does the Builder agree to make all of the repairs noted on the inspectors reports? 

d) Does the Builder agree to do the repairs noted before construction continues? 

e) Does the Builder agree to do a Walk-Through when completed, but definitely before the Building Official issues the Certificate of Occupancy? This is especially important, because the Building Officials can't be held liable after the certificate is issued. 

f) Does the Builder agree to complete all repairs noted before you take ownership of the home?

Below you will find helpful links to ensure your protection.
1. Georgia Department of Law's Consumer Protection Unit works to obtain reimbursement from businesses for consumer losses or obtain settlements concerning companies' future activity. They issue fines against those who violate consumer protection laws and seek greater penalties where the victims are elderly or disabled. Their office can order businesses to stop unfair or deceptive activities by issuing cease-and-desist orders.  They can file legal action against companies or individuals operating in violation of Georgia law and seek injunctive relief, court-ordered civil penalties or other remedies. Follow their links below. 




There are so many common products in your home that have class action lawsuits. 
Look at the list below and see if you have any of the following. 

1. Polybutylene Pipes - http://www.polybutylenelawsuit.com/

2. Certainteed Hardboard Siding -  http://www.sidingsolutions.com/pages/classtat.htm

3. Composite Siding - http://best-inspection.com/posts/composite-siding-recall/

4. MI Windows - https://www.dwmmag.com/class-action-complaint-filed-against-mi-windows-and-doors/